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Progress Update

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We're wrapping up the cleaning of the space - here's a little tour of the studio now:


We're getting there! Should have the town walk through for the certificate of occupancy this week. If you're on our website, it's been updated and we've added some classes for the summer. Best of all, the space has been clean enough to start making some art in it!

3 thoughts on “Progress Update”

  1. Please put me on your email list! I’d love to work in your shop this summer🌟

  2. MoroCurtis says:

    If you still need help – I am ready. Maybe for children you have something to do? I would like them not only to be engaged in art but also to help others during the summer holidays. Is it possible?

    1. MoroCurtis says:

      If yes, please contact me by e-mail.

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