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Day 2

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We're in New England, so I'll mention the weather. It snowed today. Yesterday, I was sweating in the window painting the [temporary] sign. That said, the snow is really a welcome surprise - we've had so little this year!

So I went down to shovel and Amira and Max tagged along (primarily because I'm being pretty relaxed with the media since the space in completely empty). We finished the sign and put some postcards on the door - so even if we're not open yet, everyone can find us!

Our friend Jeff Schmidt suggested we do a time lapse as we create the space. Here's a little peak into what our "before" is.


Thank you to all our friends who have reached out with support over the last couple of days!

Day One

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Today we headed to the shop in the morning to clean, change the locks, and get a sign on the window to let people know what's coming.

I was lucky to have several helping hands cleaning the windows and the floor - took advantage of a few friends that stopped by!

We are hand painting a temporary window sign, and while working on it we sparked some interest with a few passerby's. We met Helen, with a star tattoo next to her eye, who is a graduate of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Adrian's Alma Mater. They reminisced about the changes in focus for the SMFA (now a part of Tufts). We also met another woman (her name escapes me) who is heading back to Colorado in the fall. She has done some relief printmaking and it sounds like her training in the 1950's and mine in the early 2000's was pretty similar. She asked if we would use traditional materials - our plan to is to use mostly water based and non-toxic materials. Over the last decade or so, there has been a lot of new products created to reduce the toxicity of art making. We're looking forward to exploring these options.

Today was just a small start in shaping the space. Thank you to the friends who visited and strangers who stopped by!




On February 15, 2019, we leased a space at 148 Humphrey Street, Swampscott Massachusetts, to be the home of MiraMar Print Lab!

MiraMar Print Lab will be a printmaking art studio focusing on letter press, silk screen, monotype, and relief printing. We'll have open studio drop in hours, workshops, classes, and parties - for all ages! The space is open to all who are curious and interested.

This is a new business for Adrian and me. We are both trained in printmaking, and have always had a studio in our home for art making. We have always wanted to have a home for a press, and a community to work with - so we are excited to finally be creating one!

To get the shop off the ground, I am currently transitioning out of my job at the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce. This blog will follow our path as we set up the studio and we will share everything else it takes to get a small business up and running. Check in here for updates on our progress. And please - reach out to us with any questions or comments!


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